Epic Halloweening

I hope everyone else had a truly Epic Halloween this year. I totally did. October 30th and 31st merged into a 48 hour Halloween. It was glorious.

On the 30th I held an all day horror movie marathon here at the offices of Geoffrey Today! Heavily attended and every came through in fine style on the costume front. On the 31st it was off to Sooke to take Melissa’s kids Trick or Treating and it was amazing. It was like how Halloween is in the movies, the streets crammed with kids all in costume, house after house done up in major Halloween decorations, haunted houses in people’s garages, the works!

Alas I have no photos of the trick or treating, but here’s a ton of photos from the party:


~ by Pagz on November 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Epic Halloweening”

  1. I totally have haunted cleavage XD

    Also, I appreciate you and the gang coming out for Trick or Treating 😀 That was amazing ❤

  2. Wow, man. Your Halloween party was epic!

    Mine wasn’t quite so successful; for nearly a full hour, I had two guests in attendance, but neither of them were costumed. -_-

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