Ye Olde Comic Booke Shoppe

I live in Victoria BC. It’s a beautiful city, actually considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Canada as a matter of fact. It’s a big small town. It has that nice “small town” feel while having all the amenities of a big town like Vancouver. I love it here.

One thing we have that I truly love, and I think is really unique to our city is an abundance of Comic Book Shops. Now, while I’ll grant you that comic shops are not an unusual fixture in a town, all of ours are on the same block. In fact, they are pretty much side by side.

It seems like an odd arrangement, you’d think that it wouldn’t really work out, competition being what it is and all. I honestly couldn’t tell you how it happened or why, or how it continues. I’m just glad it does. Here in Victoria we have 3 major comic book stores: Legends, Curious and Yellow Jacket. Each of them caters to a different kind of clientele which I suspect is why they all continue to survive.

My favourite comic shop is far and away hands down Legends. Legends is THE comic shop. You walk in to Legends and it is everything a comic shop should be. It is crammed floor to ceiling with nothing but comics. It is owned and operated by a guy named Gareth who is ridiculously knowledgeable and possibly just the most chill and friendly person on the planet. I dare you not to really like him when you walk in there. It’s a great place and easily the purest comic book shop I have ever been in. If I were to operate a comic shop, this is how I would want it to be.

Curious Comics is probably the biggest and most successful comic shop on the island with several locations. It’s definitely the flashiest comic store. Honestly though, I wouldn’t call Curious a comic book shop so much as I would call it a toy store that also sells comics. As a toy store goes it’s pretty neat and easily my second favourite toy store in the city. When it comes to comics though, I try to save my business exclusively for Legends.

Yellow Jacket is… well, I guess it’s the haven for customizable card game geeks. Their focus is definitely gaming, with toys and comics kind of taking equal measure of the rest of the store. I’d call it a 60/20/20 split. It’s probably a well known in joke amongst comic nerds in Victoria that Yellow Jacket always reeks of geek because of the tables constantly full of unwashed nerds playing Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon or any number of other CCGs. That’s why Yellow Jacket almost always has their door open and a fan going, not because it’s too hot, but to air the place out.

A week without comics is like a week without sunshine. Comics really and truly offer something for everybody these days. Long gone is the time when comics were merely the realm of spandex clad super heroes. Serious work worthy of praise and recognition is being done in the field now. You owe it to yourself to seek this stuff out. So if you’re on the island, head on down to Johnson street, between Douglas and Broad, and take a look in at Legends. They can point you towards anything and everything worthwhile. I promise.


~ by Pagz on November 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ye Olde Comic Booke Shoppe”

  1. I ❤ Legends too… though Gareth really made me blush when he said I looked like Punky Brewster 😛

  2. Legends, Curious, and Yellow Jacket… so nothing’s changed there in fifteen years?!

    I don’t know if that’s comforting or depressing.
    Both, I suppose. ^_^

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