Biological clocks?

Well, I had set things up so that this blog would post automatically around 4pm, but it seems that I set the wrong day. Whoops. So here it is in the early AM. The regularly scheduled post for today should be up this afternoon.

Do men have biological clocks? I mean we all have heard about women’s biological clocks. That physical imperative a woman begins to feel when their child bearing days are starting to draw to a close. But what about guys?

I ask because if men do have a biological clock, then mine is definitely starting to go off. I’ve always loved kids of course, anyone can tell you that. These days though I’m starting to feel a considerably more pressing desire to have one of my very own. It’s weird. I’ve gone absolutely baby crazy.

I question whether I am truly qualified to be a parent. I mean I’m a guy who goes to Toys R Us to shop for himself. I’m a guy who watches cartoons daily. I’m a guy whose apartment is practically a toy store. Am I mature enough to have a kid? I’m not sure I even want to know.

Then of course there’s all the other stuff to worry about. Will my kids like me? Will they like Star Wars? What if my kid doesn’t like Star Wars? what will I do? What if I have a girl? That could be a disaster! A little boy I can tell “no” but daddy’s little girl would have me wrapped around her little finger. I’d ruin her, she’d turn into Veruca Salt! Not to mention how I’d ruin her life when she was old enough to start dating by scaring away all her would-be boyfriends. I know what boys are like, none of them are getting near my daughter!

I guess you never really can be “Ready”. It’s just one of those sink or swim kinda deals. Luckily I’ve always been a very strong swimmer.


~ by Pagz on November 4, 2010.

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