A foolish project

I’m just full of insane projects lately. This is easily the stupidest one yet. Mostly because of the ridiculous time commitment involved. However, if it works out it’ll at the very least keep me in daily blog posts for the foreseeable future. Whether any of you will have the slightest interest in reading the posts this project generates is another question entirely.

So what am I even talking about? I’m talking about The Real Ghostbusters. My all time favourite animated series from my youth. It ran for 6 seasons and a total of 147 episodes. It’s my intention to review every episode. If I can manage it that should keep me in blog posts for nearly 8 months!

The Real Ghostbusters was easily the most successful movie to cartoon translation in the history of television. The show was a high quality production with pretty solid writing and great animation. As the years rolled on it started to suffer from the tinkering of executives more interested in demographic studies and toy sales than in producing a quality show, but there’s still a lot of good in the series.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be doing my best to post a single episode review, in chronological order, every Monday through Friday. Just the way I used to watch them when I was a kid.

What could possibly go wrong?


~ by Pagz on November 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “A foolish project”

  1. Nice 🙂 Great idea!

  2. I never understood why they were compelled to bleach Egon’s hair…

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