The Real Ghostbusters episode 1 review

The Real Ghostbusters

Episode 001

Production number 75002 – 1986 ABC Season 1

“Ghosts Я Us”

Written by Len Janson and Chuck Menville

Plot Synopsis:

A haunting at the local chocolate factory sees the Ghostbusters capturing a family of unpleasant phantoms. But when Slimer accidentally releases them from the containment unit the ghosts come up with a plan to drive the boys out of business by posing as a competing paranormal elimination firm. The troublesome trio eventually lay a trap at an abandoned toy factory where they plan to employ some big help, but they got more than they bargained for and now the Ghostbusters are in for some serious trouble.

The Review:

This is the very first episode of the series. It’s a solid first effort to my mind, but there are clear indications throughout that they’re in the process of finding their groove. The voice acting is a little stiffer than is usual for the series, however I think that’s to be expected on the first episode.

This was also an ABC episode, which explains the goofier tone of the episode. There were basically 2 first seasons of The Real Ghostbusters, one for syndication comprised of the standard syndication package of 65 episodes, and a network season for ABC’s Saturday morning line up comprised of 13 episodes. The ABC episodes are considerably more restricted in their content than the regular syndicated episodes due to the networks broadcasts standards for Saturday morning cartoons. As such, the ghosts tend to be less scary, as do the story lines. The ABC episodes are generally more comedy based than horror based.

Some of the attempted humour in the episode falls a little flat. It’s usually when they’re trying to reference the film. The first line of the episode is Peter Venkman saying “Anybody see a ghost?’ as he exits the Ecto-1, just like in the movie when they arrive at the hotel. A little later Ray proclaims this job to be “A unique scientific opportunity” before charging in to the chocolate factory. I understand the desire to make the audience think of the film, but it really feels forced here. Repeating jokes doesn’t always work. Neither of those lines is meant to be a running gag in the film, so repeating them here feels unnatural.

The pacing in this episode is pretty decent, it never feels rushed but neither does it feel like it’s dragging. The visual gags are quite good too. The episode was story boarded in part by Dan Riba who also worked on Batman the Animated series. The three ghosts are clearly a reference to the classic Warner Brothers Papa Bear, Mamma Bear and Baby Bear cartoons. The series will be ripe with these kind of in jokes and references. All in all this is a perfectly decent start to the series. Nothing inspiring yet, but you can see that they’re definitely on the right track.

Rating: 3 out of 5 on the PKE* meter

*Psycho Kinetic Entertainment


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  1. I’m kinda surprised they were able to use the backwards “R” without getting in trouble. How are you feeling about the project after the first day?

  2. I’m kinda surprised you were able to use the backwards “R” in your blog entry. How did you manage to type an “R” backwards?

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