The Real Ghostbusters episode 10 review

The Real Ghostbusters

Episode 010

Production number 75011 – 1986 ABC Season 1

“Take Two”

Written by J. Michael Straczynski

Plot Synopsis:

The Ghostbusters fly to Hollywood to be consultants on a movie based on their exploits. Unfortunately a dormant spirit sleeping underneath the set doesn’t care for all the noise. It’s up to the guys to capture the phantom before it tears down the entire studio.

The Review:

This episode is one of my very favourites. It has a unique hook that I think really enriches the whole Ghostbuster mythos. Is mythos the right word when talking about Ghostbusters? It seems kind of fancy. Oh well, I love Ghostbusters so mythos it is.

In this episode the Ghostbusters head to Hollywood to be consultants on the movie “Ghostbusters”. It’s such a clever way to explain a number of things about the series. Firstly, it explains why the characters don’t look as they did in the movie, because the movie has actors playing the Ghostbusters. Secondly, it gives a clever explanation for the title of the series The Real Ghostbusters, because these are the adventures of the real Ghostbusters, on whom the movie was based. It frees the series from any shackles to the movie by making the movie a product of the world in the series instead of vice versa.

The real reason the series was titled The Real Ghostbusters is a different but still interesting story. Back in the 70s there was a live action TV series put out by a production company called Filmation (the same people that did He-Man) called Ghostbusters. It was the adventures of 2 humans and a gorilla who hunted ghosts. It was pretty cheesy and aimed at young children. When the movie was made the rights to use the name Ghostbusters had to be purchased. However, Filmation chose to hold on to the rights to the name for a TV series and only sold the rights to the title for film. Thus the animated series was titled The Real Ghostbusters.

This is another very funny episode with a lot of clever in gags for fans of the films, and here they fit because this episode is actually about the making of the film. In fact, the episode even ends with the guys going to the premier and a couple of shots from the live action movie actually used for the theatre screen.

JMS made a very savvy move with this episode. The series is now unshackled from any continuity concerns to the film. This won’t be the last time the movie is referenced directly as a major plot point in the series either. In fact, the next episode, entitled “Citizen Ghost” actually takes place immediately after the events of the film.

This episode gets top marks from me. I love the way the story has weaved the movie into the continuity, the jokes all hit and are quite funny, the ghost is interesting and the action is fun and exciting.

Best line of the episode:

Winston (looking at the cast list for the film) -“Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis… What is that, a law firm?”

Rating: 5 out of 5 on the PKE meter


~ by Pagz on November 19, 2010.

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