My kid isn’t gonna watch that crap!

I was out at Walmart this evening perusing the DVD selection. I found my self in the kids section, purely by accident of course, I’m a manly man who only watches mature manly shows. Anyway, there were a whole ton of great animated series from my youth available and I got to thinking: I need to pick this stuff up, because when I have a kid someday he or she sure as shit ain’t watching the crap that’s on TV these days!

Truth be told this isn’t actually a new thought. I have, in fact, been collecting awesome kids shows on DVD for years specifically for the purpose of raising my future potential children on a steady diet of HOLY SHIT AWESOME!

Anyway, I figured with Xmas fast approaching I’d list some of these gems here in case anyone out there is interested in my future kid’s development into a being of pure awesomeness.

The Complete Scooby Doo: Where are you?

It comes in the Mystery Mobile! And this show was a total classic. Yes it’s campy and silly and ridiculous and as an adult it’s super hard to watch it. But fuck it, I loved it when I was little and I’ll be damned if I’m going to deny my kid the opportunity to watch it just because I’ve outgrown it… OKay, so I do still kinda love it. Just a little. Not much. Shut up.

Ducktales! WoooooOoooooo

It had probably the most memorable theme song of all time and was just so great. The complete series is available in 3 volumes.


Another great from the Disney Afternoon lineup. This one is available in 2 volumes. Also, a perfect way to introduce the kid to the awesome aesthetics of the 1940’s.

The Adventures of the Gummi Bears!

The Disney Afternoon sure had a lot of solid series. This one is a classic with lots of wicked stuff like Knights and Goblins and Dragons and all sorts of fun medieval awesome.

It’s The Muppet Show!

Oh hells yes. Me and the kid will be watching this one nightly! The Muppet show is just magic. So much great stuff, so many amazing guests. All the seasons are really reasonably priced now too!

Sesame Street: Old School Vol.2

I’ve already picked up volume 1 and it’s awesome. Sesame Street these days has just slid so far down hill. It’s been corrupted by Elmo and his ilk. Not for my kid! My kid is watching CLASSIC Sesame Street. Screw you Elmo!

Pee Wee’s Playhouse

Too insane for my kid not to watch. Pee Wee still rocks. Pee Wee will always rock.

Faerie Tale Theatre

I loved this series as a kid. Big name actors in impressively staged versions of classic faerie tales. Good stuff.

Mr. Dressup!

If you don’t love Mr. Dressup then we have nothing to say to each other. I cried the day Mr. Dressup died.


Granted, the Peanuts are sometimes boring as shit, however, every kid needs to see these specials at least once. It’s the law.

Batman: The Animated Series

One of the greatest animated series of all time and probably the definitive version of Batman and his rogues gallery as far as I’m concerned. This is getting a little older than I intended to go with this list, but I can’t help it, Batman is just too damn cool.

I think that’s more than sufficient. Have I missed anything you think is required viewing for my future kid? Let me know!


~ by Pagz on November 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “My kid isn’t gonna watch that crap!”

  1. How could you acknowledge The Muppet Show, but ignore the infinitely more imaginative Fraggle Rock? Pure, timeless awesomeness… I know it’s in your DVD collection. ^_^

    On the other hand, while the classic Peanuts are available on high-definition Blu-Ray discs in all their remastered glory, they are (as you say) boring as shit. The film prints themselves stood the test of time, but the pacing and humor is sadly outdated.

  2. Yeah, the Peanuts have some brief moments, but are mostly outdated. I didn’t include Fraggle Rock because I already have it 😉

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