The Real Ghostbusters episode 15 review

The Real Ghostbusters

Episode 015

Production number 76002 – 1986-Syndicated

“Station Identification”

Written by Marc Scott Zicree

Plot Synopsis:

The city’s spooks have banded together to take over the television airwaves, giving them access to almost every home in New York. It’s up to the Ghostbusters to put a stop to it before WBOO goes national!

The Review:

This is probably one the weakest episode I’ve reviewed thus far. The story is kinda dull, the designs lack much creativity and most of the jokes are pretty obvious. Of course not every episode can be great, and this isn’t a bad episode by any stretch, it’s just not up to the caliber of the previous episodes in the series.

A little trivia for this episode: There are a number of in-jokes about television series in this episode, specifically series that Marc Scott Zicree was writing for, there are jabs at He-Man, Leave it to Beaver, Star Trek and bizarre hybrid of Gumby and Rambo. This also marks the first episode where the commercial bumper ghost’s voice changes from Winston’s voice to a more high pitched, cartoony voice. For the record, I always felt, even as a kid, that Winston’s voice suited the Ghost way more than the cartoony one.

Best line of the episode:

(In response to hearing the plan for WBOO to go national)

Egon – “If that happens people will get ghosts on every TV in the country”

Ray – “It’ll be even worse than what they’re getting now!”

Rating: 2 out of 5 on the PKE meter


~ by Pagz on November 26, 2010.

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