The Xmas List 2010 – Day 1

Welcome to December. T’is the season now, officially. Officially. So every day you can expect a new entry in my epic Xmas list. Some of it’s going to be ridiculously extravagant, some of it is going to be highly reasonable and available. And the rest will fall in between. That seems reasonable.

Today is an item that wasn’t going to go on to my list until recent financial woes prevented me from purchasing this bad boy for myself. On sale right now over at is this sweet piece of holiday cheer that clearly needs to be mine:

It’s currently selling for $60 bucks and I fully expect it will be sold out within the next several days, if not by tonight judging by how bogged down their servers have been all day. These are already showing up on ebay for more than double their purchase price. Argh!


~ by Pagz on December 1, 2010.

One Response to “The Xmas List 2010 – Day 1”

  1. LoL, hopefully someone will get you that. I’ve finished all my xmas shopping early though, sorry.

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