The Real Ghostbusters episode 20 review

The Real Ghostbusters

Episode 020

Production number 76007 – 1986-Syndicated

“Adventures In Slime And Space”

Written by David Gerrold

Plot Synopsis:

Slimer accidentally fumbles in to Egon’s latest experiment and starts fragmenting into hundreds of thousands of tiny Slimers. The Ghostbusters have to think fast to save the world from eventually being totally covered in slime. Unfortunately, fast thinking sometimes doesn’t work out as well as the guys would hope.

The Review:

This episode is pure comedy. No scares, no thrills, it’s just for laughs. And there are plenty of laughs to be had. David Gerrold is a new name for me on RGB but he certainly has a very firm grip on the kind of comedy that really suits the Ghostbusters. There’s a terrific blend of slapstick, sarcasm, in jokes and puns that make this episode so much fun to watch.

The episode is thick with in jokes for those in the know. To name just a few: Egon remarks that he’ll need a new interocitor, a joke from the 1955 scifi classic This Island Earth. Ray’s Slimer translator speaks in the voice of the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey and also quotes lines from that film. Ray’s computations on the computer produce a repeating graphic of pac-man eating power pellets. The three stooges are standing on a street corner and comment on the chaos, particularly funny considering the Stooges were the kings of Slapstick comedy. Peter references Howard the Duck. The Mayor references the events of the Ghostbusters film, citing terror dogs and marshmallow men. Ray has the line “Egon You’re brilliant! Peter, give him a chocolate bar!” which is a reference to the film when Peter bestows a nestle crunch bar on Egon for his idea of capturing ghosts. The mayor mentions that the center of the city is now called Slime’s Square, a joke that will be reused in Ghostbusters 2. A giant Slimer snatches Janine just like Fay Ray in King Kong and takes her to the top of the Empire State building.

This episode is just full of laughs. It’s short on horror but that’s alright, every once in a while it’s good for the Ghostbusters to just have some straight up fun. It’s kind of reminiscent of their first bust with Slimer in the movie in that respect, not scary, just funny. Definitely a worthwhile episode.

Best line of the episode:

Peter – “Hello, Delaware Overseas Airlines? When’s your next flight to anywhere? I don’t care where, as far away from New York as possible… FRANCE?!? Not on your life!”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 on the PKE meter


~ by Pagz on December 4, 2010.

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