I’ve had better weeks

I was diagnosed with diabetes a few days ago. Apparently not too serious, I won’t require insulin injections as of yet. I will have to go on a diabetic diet though, which is probably a good thing, and I’ll need to start monitoring my blood sugar. Hooray.

In addition to that bit of good news I also have something in my stomach called H. Pylori which is apparently not what I want in my belly. It causes ulcers and such as I understand it. And I understand it hardly at all. Anyway, I’m now on this 14 day round of medication for it. This medication has the absolutely delightful side effect of keeping me rushing to the bathroom about 2 dozen times a day. If I do not lose a shit ton of weight in the next 2 weeks because of this stuff I’ll be shocked.

In a perfect example of my excellent timing, all of this occurred on day 3 of my having returned to the gym. I have a feeling the gym might be out for the next 2 weeks as I don’t particularly want to risk a… “mishap” of the most embarrassing variety while I’m working out :p When I do get back to the gym you’ll be able to follow my progress here if you wish.

Finally and probably most destructively, I’ve come down with a really terrible case of Star Wars Fever. My fandom has flared up to an alarming level of fanaticism. My Ghostbusters fandom has receeded slightly to the background, though I assure you it’s still going strong as well. Now if only one could make a profession out of being a fan :p


~ by Pagz on January 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’ve had better weeks”

  1. Oooo, H. Pylori? Yeah, you want to get rid of that! The good news is they actually know that it’s a bacteria, and they can treat it. It’s a fairly new development, really, but a very helpful one. If, uh, you want the explanation of how they cause ulcers… they’re basically a little screw shaped bacteria that drill themselves into the lining of your stomach. Because it’s so acidic in your stomach, they release an enzyme that neutralizes the acid. Pretty nifty little trick for them, except this causes inflammation in your stomach lining, which can in turn increase your risk of ulcers. Plus, the inflammation alone can cause pain, etc. So the pills you’re taking suck right now, but you should end up feeling much much much better afterwards!

    I’ll save my diabetes shpeel for another day. And I don’t have one on the fandom flareup.

    I’m glad you’re working hard at taking care of yourself. Yay you!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that my vinyl project is cancelled, and I am a fellow diabetic.

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