Why do people consider being miserable in your work okay?

All my adult life I’ve been told the same thing: Find a job that pays you enough to do the stuff you really want to do on the side.

What I want to do is create. I need to make art. I’ve pursued a lot of creative endeavors: comics, videos, writing, etc. I was told these were “good hobbies”. I was told that once I found a career and became financially stable, that I could then do what made me happy on the side.

I followed that path for over a decade. A nervous breakdown, however, made it clear to me that “waiting to be happy” was a psychologically unstable strategy. I couldn’t wait for someone else to grant me permission to do what I wanted with my life. I decided that doing what I really like to do now is better than hoping I can do it later.

I won’t do it later. When you work in a job or career that drains your soul, there is no “on the side“. What little free time you have is an illusion, you’re too drained and defeated to do anything other than rest, gathering your ever dwindling strength to endure the next onslaught of drudgery. At least that’s how it is for me. There are no doubt many people out there capable of following the path that has been constantly pushed on me. I’m not one of them.


~ by Pagz on July 10, 2013.

One Response to “Why do people consider being miserable in your work okay?”

  1. agreed. so quit doing whatever that drains your soul

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